The non importance of money essay

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The non importance of money essay

Hire Writer Motivation harmonizing to Jim Riley is defined as the finding to work ; this comes from the pleasance of the work itself and from the aspiration to accomplish certain ends for illustration earn more money or achieve publicity. Motivation can be seen as the bed stone for effectual public presentation of workers on any assigned undertaking or occupation in an administration, these is the ground why people wants to work hard and work efficaciously for the concern.

In other words, motive can easy be defined as those forces that incite or promote a individual to execute better or give his or her best.

Motivation energises workers towards the assigned undertaking in an administration. The non importance of money essay for a worker to execute and work towards carry throughing ends for the administration, he must be motivated.

Several motivational theories have been put together by direction experts to back up the demand for effectual motive in an administration. The most by and large held analysis or givens are enumerated below.

Though the undermentioned theories do non all arrive at the same decisions ; some of these theories are as follows ; Abraham Maslow — Hierarchy of Needs. Harmonizing to Fredrick W Taylor in his theory of Scientific Management, Fredrick argued that, workers should be paid reasonably for a reasonably yearss occupation.

Fredrick nevertheless suggested the enterprise that workers are motivated largely by wage. Fredrick who was concerned about they pay attitude of direction towards workers argued that workers do non evidently take pleasance in work and so necessitate close way, as a consequence directors should divide down production into a series of bantam undertakings, workers should so be given proper preparation and working equipments to enable them work every bit resourcefully as Possible on one set responsibility.

Workers are so paid in line with The non importance of money essay sum of points they produce in a fit period of timepiece rate wage. Taylor reasoned that workers can merely set in their best if they are good paid pecuniary wages.

Taylor discovered from his findings that direction uses workers as a tool and at the terminal of the twenty-four hours pay them peanuts. This forced the workers to be unproductive and extremely unmotivated on their occupation. National Independence Day of Malaysia Essay Furthermore Taylor stated that direction should non merely be about excess and high productiveness but besides be concerned about the public assistance of the workers because if the workers are good motivated they would work harder to increase productiveness and any excess originating therefore can be shared between direction and workers.

Organizational direction in the twenty-four hours of Taylor disbelieved this theory and as such they could non use the thoughts of Taylor on clip, nevertheless they came to gain the importance of Taylor thoughts and as such embraced it. This as stated by Jim was the beginning of the epoch of mass production.

From the above, it is apparent that money is a really of import factor in actuating workers ; however there are other imperative factors that have been argued to actuate a worker more than money and this factor have been supported by different theories, these theories are discussed below ; One of these theories that argue in resistance to the position that money is the most of import factor in actuating workers is the hierarchy of demands by Abraham Maslow.

Maslow who was a psychologist postulated the hierarchy of demands ; Maslow divided human demands in line into five categories. The demands can be represented hierarchically as shown below. The demands are predominance, predominance here means in the order of importance in life. They are the first degree of demands for homo in life, without which it would be hard for adult male to populate.

Therefore failure to fulfill this demand will do an person locked up in that degree, but ability to fulfill this demand will do an single move to the following degree of demands which is safety and security.

These demands harmonizing to Abraham are security from physical onslaughts, protection from danger. Basically they are the demand to cognize that you are physically protected and your occupation is secured.

Harmonizing to Abraham one time this demands are satisfied they no longer actuate you alternatively the following degree of need supports actuating the person. After this harmonizing to Abraham the following motivation demand is esteem demands. That is, it is a demand where people want to be recognised wherever they are.

They are fundamentally demands for ego regard and being valued by others. After this the following is degree of demands which continues to actuate the person is self realization.

This nevertheless is a hard phase to accomplish ; even so Abraham argued that everybody is capable of achieving self realization.

The non importance of money essay

From this analysis above it is glowering that money does non actuate but the satisfaction of the lower degree demands of persons pushes them to the top, hence sing the positions and augment under Abraham Maslow degree of demands money does non actuate. NOHO arts district Essay An extra of import motive theory is the two factor theory by Fredrick Herzberg ; Fredrick believed that certain things or factors that if concerns introduce, it could straight actuate an employee and that there were besides factors that can do a worker de-motivated if non present.

Herzberg put frontward hygiene factors, which are factors that the occupation is surrounded by instead than the occupation itself.

Importance of money in life essay

Herzberg alleged that concerns should actuate workers by acclimatising democratic attack to direction. Below are some of the methods suggested by Herzberg that directors could utilize to actuate workers: Another given which contradicts the position that money is the most of import motivation factor is the human relation school of idea which was coined by Elton Mayo.

Mayo approved to the fact that although money can actuate a worker ; nevertheless he believed workers are non merely interested or inspired by money but could be better motivated by guaranting their societal demands are met while at work.

After Mayo carried out some sequences of experiments on the workers at the workshop of the western electric company in Chicago, from the research Mayo resolved that workers are extremely motivated by improved communicating affecting directors and workers and in add-on working in groups or squads improved productiveness.

From this averment, it is of import to indicate out that although Elton mayo agrees to the importance of money as a motivational factor but disagrees to the gesture that money is the most of import factor in actuating workers and that there are other factors which are more effectual and of import in actuating a worker than money.

Factors like good working conditions and efficient communicating between workers and direction. Another challenging theory to the averment that money is the most of import factor in actuating workers is the theory proposed by Douglas McGregor ; theory X and theory Y.We will write a custom essay sample on Money A Important Factor Motivating Workers Today Commerce Essay specifically for you for only $ $/page.

hence sing the positions and augment under Abraham Maslow degree of demands money does non actuate. READ: NOHO arts district Essay. Importance of money essay in english.

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Essay on Money: Meaning, Functions and Role

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Role of Money in Motivation | Essay. Article shared by: To some people, importance money will be reduced after a certain stage.

To those people, non financial rewards are more important. They are motivated by money only up to the stage they are struggling for physiological and safety needs.

Importance of money in my life essay