Tartuffe essay prompts

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Tartuffe essay prompts

Quotes Tartuffe Characters Analysis Known to be one of the most theatrical comedies, Tartuffe, by Moliere was first performed in It is important to know the characters in order to understand the comedy.

By getting to know them, the reader instantly recognizes Tartuffe characters analysis and is able to embrace the text with a more broader sense of readership.

Tartuffe essay prompts

Orgon, in Tartuffe, is known to be an idiot. This can define the character as being a chump, but it can also be that he is wise. His basic sense of goodness allows readers to connect with him as well as find him very satirical. HIs goal is to persuade the others that he is pious.

Tartuffe essay prompts

This is an actual contradiction that readers and viewers see him as. He is actually trying to play something that he is not just as most current members of society do. Now Dorine, in Tartuffe, is one who is sassy and known to be streetwise.

She has a great comical value in the comedy as she always has a comeback. Her sassiness and cleverness is not always made to be funny, but rather for survival purposes too.

We see another character in the book, Cleante, who is both a wise man as well as a person who always contradicts themselves. His character does not have a lot of impacts but is there to create a sense of person whose values differs from the others.

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