Should class attendance be required

Send Email Cancel When students look at their class grades or a class syllabus, they see grades for tests, quizzes, projects and more. Among those, however, is one grade that should not be there:

Should class attendance be required

The instructor of the class is the ultimate authority for determining whether an absence from class or academic activity is excused or unexcused except in the case where the absence has occurred due to a university sponsored activity approved by the Office of the Provost.

Students should contact their instructors before an anticipated absence or as soon as possible when a class is missed. Instructors will require documentation supporting the reason for any absence.

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Students are responsible for work missed during an excused absence. The advisor should also work with the student to make a decision about course withdrawal or withdrawal from the university. The attendance requirements and allowances to make up missed work should be clearly delineated in the course syllabus, including any impact absences will have on grades.

In accordance with the Religious Accommodation Policy, as it may be amended from time to time, students may request and be granted up to two excused absences each academic year for religious observances required by the faith of each student.

The student must provide written notice of the request for an excused absence to each faculty member prior to the religious observance.

Should class attendance be required

As with any excused absence, the student shall have the opportunity to make up any work or assessments missed because of the absence.

Students are not excused from their responsibilities for the course. Roles and Responsibilities Class Attendance Student Responsibilities Students are required to attend class, whether face to face or virtually, and complete assignments as set forth in the class syllabus. Students are responsible for contacting appropriate faculty and staff in the event that attendance will not be possible for a prolonged period of time.

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In the event of such extenuating circumstances, students should work with instructors to ensure successful completion of assignments. Faculty Responsibilities Faculty members are required to monitor attendance.

During the change of registration period, faculty members should alert students if they do not appear on the official roll and require the students to complete the registration process.

At the end of the change of registration period, faculty members should alert the Office of the Registrar about students whose names appear on the roll but never attended class.

At the mid-term and final grading periods, faculty members are to notify the registrar of students who stop attending class by entering the date of the last day the student attended class on the grade roster. Compliance Students who have not attended class or made contact with the instructor to explain the absence by the end of the first day the class meets or the first assessment technology delivered classes only may be administratively dropped from the course in accordance with the Administrative Withdrawal Policy.However, mandating attendance and penalizing students who skip class may not always have the best outcome.

As college students and as adults, we should have . Accordingly, the College is an attendance-taking institution that requires student attendance in order for students to remain enrolled in a class(es). The College also requires that instructors take and timely report student attendance.

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However, students should contact their class instructor to catch up on missed work. · If we notice that you have multiple absences you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with a member of staff.

You may be required to provide documentation relating to any further absences from class before these may be . When attendance is a required part of a course grade, an instructor must keep accurate class attendance records and provide students with information about their own attendance records if .

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